Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Faded Buds

First off, let me start off with an apology.  I have been having trouble with my Internet connection for the past couple of weeks.  Someone in my neighborhood is trying to set up their connection and they are interfering with ours.  I will get around to posting your comments and visiting your blogs as my connection allows.

I chose these two faded Confederaate Rose buds and used kk reverie texture twice.  First time opacity was at 69% blend mode lighter color.  Second time was screen blend at 49% opacity.  As I was merging my layers together I thought the overall effect was a bit too much so when I got down to merging my last two photo layers with the already merged texture layers I was in normal blend mode and lowered opacity one more time to 40%, then finished merging my layers for this final shot here.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Confederate Rose with Textures

This is a Confederate Rose.  It blooms in autumn.  I used kk reverie texture at softlight 60% and then added photomorphis texture out of alignment 09 at 54% opacity.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

SHS Nov 9

I am starting off with warm:

I was excited to see the warm, hazy sunlight I captured in this shot.  Yes it is from last week, but not a shot I showcased before.

In My Bag:

I like all the colors in this bag, and it is water resistant so can be around the pool which is important not only for summer swim team, but for winter swim practice as well.  I also have pouches to put things in so they don't get wet from the condensation of my water bottle.  I am liking these dark backgrounds I am able to get from editing my shots too.

Body Part:

Yes another archived, but not before shown, shot.  Lots of body parts in this shot-from her arms and head at the start of the race and the feet and legs of the timers at the meet.  I like the way the shot captured the water splash around her.  One of these days I am going to capture really good shots of the swimmers-I just don't know when that will be, :).

My View:

These are leaves from the Confederate rose bush.  We had a cool snap last week and that made the leaves fall and ruined some of the remaining buds.  Later this week we are to get cool weather and that may be the end of its blooms until next year.


This is the newest  neighborhood stray cat.  Its colors of tan and white are pretty and it has blue eyes which makes me wonder if it is a cross of a domestic white cat and a Siamese one.  Also its ears and its face have the darker tan color which looks very similar to a Siamese.  It stays very close to this sewer which is a smart thing for it to do as it does have shelter and a way to escape from other predators if need be.  It has discovered my neighbors food and is eating from that but it needs to eat a lot more to look healthy. Course my neighbor did not want any more cats but this one showed up last week and has stayed around.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sequin Hat

This is a close up of the sequin hat Blessing wore for crazy hat and sock day.  The sequins catch the light wonderfully, but catch on her hair.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

SHS Nov 2nd

The 31 days of capturing blessing is now over, so I am back to posting photos just for SHS at least until I find another challenge.

Fall Colors:

I was fortunate to have these silk flowers which have fall colors in them.  I really liked the way the light fell on these flowers and I was able to darken the background more in post to make the flowers themselves pop.

Dress Up:

We had crazy hat and sock day at co op this week and this is blessing showing off the socks and hat.  What was so neat was that I did not pose her this way.  She was moving around and struck this pose naturally.  I liked it so much I asked her to do it again.  The hat itself has lots of sequins that sparkle and change colors in the light.  The bad thing is that the sequins pulled on her hair and the band of the hat was tight so she could not wear it all day.


My cat is so funny.  I had set up this shot, focused and just as I was ready to snap the shutter, he decides to come investigate.  I quickly changed the focus on to his head and took the shot.  All the bags are closed so he could not get any candy.  Of course if I had planned for him to do this, we all know it would not have happened.

Trick or Treat:

This is my treat-homemade chocolate syrup to put into my coffee.  I also add spices to my coffee grounds before it brews and I end up with mocha spice coffee.

Making homemade chocolate syrup is easy and I like that I can avoid preservatives and corn syrup.  The main thing to remember is that the syrup does not get thick until after it has been in the fridge.  Each time before I use it I make sure to stir it from the bottom up - keeps sediment from settling on the bottom.

Photographer's Choice:

This is a Confederate rose.  It blooms in autumn and when fully in bloom it is pale pink.  When the buds are spent it is the darker pink.  It really is lovely-it has big leaves too but some insect is munching on some of them but it does not seem to bother the flowers.

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Pumpkin Orange and Leaf Brown, Mandarin Orange Monday 117

Day 30 and 31 of LTTL… a new 31 day challenge-the last two days of this challenge.

Pumpkin Orange:

This is a close up of part of the Chihuly stained glass window I featured a couple of weeks ago.  This photo was taken on the part of the floor you can walk on, which is a great way to get close and isolate some of the glass, but you can also see those little black squares I told you about that interfere with the photo.  As you can see they are so small and numerous that there is no way to shoot around them.  Removing that many in post processing would be very tedious.

I did basic edits such as increasing exposure, contrast, darkened midtowns, brightened shadows. I also used a brush for color and contrast, sharpening, finding detail, and adding crispness.  I also play with the color sliders and or the tone curves to get the color, highlights, lights, darks and shadows the way I want them.


I liked the way this single leaf was able to fill the frame, and it fit the prompt nicely.

This challenge is now over and i enjoyed every moment of it.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grate & Week 4 of 31 Days of Capturing Blessing

Today is the 29th day of 31 Days of Capturing Blessing-turquoise is today's color:

I am not sure why the angular shaped earrings look green.  I tried all the color tricks I know of to get them to show their turquoise color, but none of them worked.  The earrings are lying on a scarf and the item the triangle earrings are leaning on is a headband that has a bit of shine.  The band is Blessings.

Recap of week 4-Purple:

My medieval/renaissance/wearing for other occasions dress.  The skirt flares and twirls nicely.  I admit that I still like twirly dresses and skirts just as much as when I was a little girl.

Mint Green:

Another summer, another mint plant that started out well but burned up in the sun.  I have learned in this area that any plant that says it needs 8 hours of sun a day needs to be in partial shade.  I had this in partial shade and still it burnt.  The cherry tomatoes did well though and they were next to each other.


I took this shot with my phone (Sony Xperia Z1s) outside an antiques store.  I liked the curves and lines of the varying iron work and the fact that the wall has beige tones in it.  I could have also used this shot for copper and brown, but have other things in mind for those shots.


I got this potpourri pot as a gift for my mom.   Fourteen years ago this Friday she went into the hospital and on Dec. 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, died.  My father who is usually not good with dates has not forgotten that day as he is a WWII buff.  I haven't either and even if we wanted to, we can't as that is such a significant day in U.S. history.  Not Dec. 7th the next year but Dec. 7th six weeks later.  She never met Blessing.

Hot Pink:

This rose is coral color, but thanks to using the circle adjustment (like the eye drop tool in other areas) in LR 5, I was able to make parts of it hot pink.  I don't have earlier versions of LR, so don't know if the HSL (hue/saturation/luminance) panel has that targeted adjustment option in those.  I do like the way this rose turned out.

Traffic Gray:

Every Tuesday I participate in Texture Tuesday, so some of my photo prompts also have textures on them.  It just so happened that my cat, the blanket and the texture and overlay I chose all had traffic gray in them, so fit the prompt quite well.

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