Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Limestone Caves

This past week we learned about caves.   My original thought was to create our own stalactites, but because they move from room to room and each student needed two cups to suspend their string, I decided that was too complicated for our set up.  I did find a cave idea that sounded fun but was cost prohibitive.  I did find an idea to make our own limestone caves and that is the one I chose.


We needed sugar cubes (also called sugar dots, even though they are square-go figure), straws, plates, water, toothpicks, scarves, instructions.  The scarves were for a game we played after we made our caves.  Some of the kids had never seen sugar cubes/dots before, so it was fun to see their reaction as they had no idea sugar came in that form.

On each plate each child had 10 cubes.  They had to stack them and I had to ask some of them if they knew the difference between stacked and a line.  In order for this to work, they had to be stacked.

After everyone had their cubes stacked, we dipped straws in the water and dripped the water onto the stack.  The water drops needed to be dropped on the same area of the stack in order to make their cave.

Here they are dripping water on to their caves.  Toothpicks could have been used for this too but since straws are longer I went with those.  We could have used toothpicks to hold the plates up slightly at one end, but I ended up not doing that and we did still get our caves.

Here you can see one student dripping water on her cave.

Here are a few of their finished caves:

Some of the kids seemed disappointed that they did not have caves so I told them that they had to be sure to drip water in the same spot on their stack, and that it does take more than a few seconds for results to appear.  One of my helper moms also pointed out that if the water was put on the cubes and not pooled on their plate away from the cubes, there would be a better chance of success :).

I have two cups out too-one with salt and one with water.  The one with salt was simply to make my life easier so that I had enough for each class without having to go back to the kitchen.  The water was cool and I put some salt in it at the beginning of class so we could see how crystals dissolved and how in cool water it takes longer.

I also told them that is how stalagmites and stalagmites form-salt crystals in water and I also told them that just because we don't see the crystals any longer does not mean they are not there.  We don't see air or wind either, but they are still there.  In caves they can form and reform.

Then we played a game and that is when things got too busy for me to take pictures.  The people with scarves were water particles.  The original idea called for headbands but since I had scarves and they don't break as easily as a scarf I used those.  Everyone else was a salt particle.  The salt particles had to hold hands and then see if they could still hold hands while going through the water particles.  Most of the time they ended up breaking apart (at least some of them)  I explained that this is what happens to salt or sugar in a cool or hot drink and what happens with the stalactites.   When you look at them (or icicles) you can see that they are thicker at the top than at the bottom and that they generally have a taper.  It is thicker at the top because more particles were able to stick closer together while forming.  Less particles were able to stick together at the bottom and also gravity helps pull the bottom part down adding to the taper shape.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Old Dodge

For NF DAM/Abstract Meme and my Black and White memes:


I usually try to post a color version along with black and white, since I have readers that request it. It does not always happen and usually that is because it has taken me so long to get any picture edited and on here at all that I am too tired and aggravated to see if I can get more than one up.

I have found an application that lets me play with photos more, so for some of you the abstract photos are quite a departure from my normal posts.  Sure is fun!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mandarin Orange Monday 133


Adjusted midtones, shadows, contrast, highlights, lights, darks, added kk preset touch of pink.

1st MOM:

I took the same photo into onOne Perfect Photo Suite and added a alyer, kktexture shine and then went to the hue opacity slider and that gave me this orange tone.  Then I took it into photoscape to do this:

Added the kaleidescope filter and adjusted the size sliders to get this.

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Macro Monday intro badge photo MM2badgeintrofinal_zps09e45e9a.jpg


SHS March 22


We have had quite a bit of rain over the past few weeks.  Here I took this shot after a heavy rain.  I liked the way you can see the patches of sunlight here and yes it really was this green.  I adjusted the green in this shot so that the photo reflected how green the grass and trees are.

What I Did Today:

A few photos of swim practice.  The bottom two photos are the kids doing an exercise where the person in front does the arms and the person in back hold on to their ankles while performing the kick part of the stroke.  They all seemed to enjoy it.  Later in the week they did this as a race.  Blessing and her partner won. I did not see that as I had errands to run during that time.


I saw this while I was out doing errands and thought it made an interesting shot with the lights, darks and different textures.  This shot was taken about fifteen minutes before the green shot.  The rain came down hard for about half an hour.  All three of these shots were taken with my Sony Xperia Z1s.

In My Kitchen:

Whenever I make rice or pasta, I always add in herbs and spices at the end.  Here it is basil and turmeric, which is what gives the rice its yellow color.

Something Old:

This is an old Dodge that someone is restoring.   The process is not yet complete but it does make for a fine photograph.  One of these days I will remember to use my circular polarizer to cut down on reflections.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random 5 Friday March 20

1) I am now using a wireless keyboard.  It is a full keyboard and I have to readjust to that, but I do like it.  The bad thing  is that the mouse that it came with is not ergonomically correct and it makes my wrist hurt.

2) Some folks commented on my bug post last week so I thought I would explain why they are such a bother.  The gnats have a toxic substance on their feet that gets on your skin.  It feels like a sting and then they itch.  Blessing and I welt up from the bites which means we are allergic to them, so having them land on us is worse than for folks who are not allergic.

The wasps and hornets build their nests at the entrance of the garage door, by the back door entrance, on the brick wall by that entrance, in the folds of the patio umbrella,  under the patio table, under the grill cover. They also get into the house.  Sometimes they are so bad that we can't open our back door to go outside as they are aggressive.

3) A solar eclipse happens tomorrow night.  Tomorrow night also happens to be Sabbath, the start of the new month and new year according to the Bible.  Since it is the start of the new year, this month is also the month of Passover-the celebration of our redemption and freedom.  Not only that,but on April 4th, the first day of Passover, we will have the third of the four blood moons.  The first two were on the the first day of Passover last year, April 15, 2014 and the first day of Sukkot/Tabernacles/ Booths, Oct. 8 2014.  The fourth one will be on the first day of Sukkot this year, September 28th.  This is a very rare occurrence indeed.  God did say in Genesis 1:14 and  Luke 21:25 that there will be signs in the heavens of the sun moon and stars and that these will also be sued to mark years and festivals.  (That was my paraphrase).  Interesting times are coming upon us.

4) I am on a photo site for photographers called ViewBug.  They took one of my photos and entered it into one of their contests.  There are prizes for each contest, some higher end prizes, some lower end ones.  The images are only used on their site and you own all the copyrights.

5) I entered a holiday lights photo contest on there that Shutterstock sponsored.  They contacted me asking me to be a contributor to their site.  I find this interesting as my photo did not make it into the top 10 of that contest.  The one thing that concerns me is that I don't want a big company to pay me $7.00 for an image they use for a worldwide campaign.  I was reading a bit about stock photography and if some of these restrictions are true, the majority of what I shoot can't be used.  I still have time to decide what to do.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Things Thursday March 19

We (meaning I) am trying to plan our summer vacation.  I had a few places in mind but need to rethink that plan as we won't be able to go to some of the places.  They are simply too far apart.  Really wish mirror less full frame cameras had better focus tracking for moving subjects as I would consider selling my gear now for one-mainly for this trip!

I did enter two contests for the chance to win a mirror less system.  One is a raffle and that one is full frame, the other one is full frame but if I won I would take it with me as it would be lighter.  We will see..this all might be wishful thinking on my part.  Barring that I may see if I can get an ultra wide lens for this trip.

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