Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Little Things Thursday

Another shadow shot of the Canyon.

I have been playing with the Camera Calibration settings in Lightroom 5.  It is found in the develop module on the right hand scrolling down the list and is above the lens profile corrections.  The default is set to Adobe standard but by clicking on the drop down menu there are a few other choices all starting with camera and the various settings such as standard, neutral, vivid, etc...  I have been using the landscape setting lately and I like it.  It adjusts the temperature and tint subtly.

You might want to play with that setting and see if you like it for your shots.

Thank you to all who viewed my Photo Friday post from last week.  I was the top viewed post so thank you for that.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Good, The random, The Fun v.30

The Good:

I was surprised to see this plaque on one of the columns at Hermit's Rest in the Grand Canyon.  Surprised because everywhere you go you are aware of their evolutionary mindset and usually you don't see a Psalm posted in places that have that mindset so it was a pleasant surprise.

The Random:

Last year before swim season I purchased two 32 gb memory cards with 95mb read/ write speed. Nowadays they have this size card with a 280 mb read/ write speed.  I got mine to squeeze some more speed out of my buffer and I can tell you that that speed did help my buffer.  They also helped me on this trip with storage.  Usually when I am on vacation I try to offload my images every couple of days but since I was not bringing my laptop with me on this trip I knew I would have to wait until I got home to offload them.  I filled up one card completely and also had hundreds of images on my second one.

How many images you ask?  On the card I filled, I had 1800 images.  If you have a camera with more mega pixels, you will probably get less.  By more I mean 36 or higher.  But it is a good to have a baseline, if you were wondering how many images you could fit on a 32 gb card with a 16mp camera.

The Fun:

This was another restaurant we went to.  Each table had a different painted design.  I took pictures of as many as I could, and I did not get them all.  I will be sharing more of them in the weeks ahead.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Macro Monday 2

While I was on vacation there was a fabulous store called "Rocks and More."  The physical store is small but they have a large rock and metal sculpture garden as well as big metal sculptures in front of the rock garden.  The garden is so big I could have spent a good part of my day just photographing  the various colors and sculptures.

This was part of a metal flower sculpture and I liked the colors, shine and reflections of these leaves:

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday July 26

I am back from vacation and am ready to participate in the hunt once again.  I took numerous photos on my trip-over 1800 images, so I am sure I will be sharing some of them as time goes on.

It was very hard for me to decide which image I should lead off with, but I decided to start off with the I Love This prompt:

One of the things I liked about the Grand Canyon was the play of shadows and light across it.  When I saw this butterfly over the canyon, I knew I had to take a picture.  This shadow was made by the clouds above and I thought it was so neat that they made this shape.  I did not alter this shape nor draw it on -it was formed naturally, which is why I love it.

One Word:

One of the restaurants we ate at had a western "village" around the dining area.  It was just fronts of buildings but it was still neat.  They also had a medium sized stage where they have promotional videos about the Canyon and its surrounding areas.

Blessing was the one who pointed out this sign to me as my back was towards it but I would have seen it eventually.  We almost walked out of there as we were not served for quite some time-even when people after us had at least gotten their drinks.  We were told the reason for that is our server was late.

When I saw the one word prompt for this week, this photo immediately popped into my mind and I thought "Ha!  Perfect."


 I think we all know by now that I don't do selfies, but looking through my photos I saw this one and was delighted to see that it fit this prompt wonderfully,.  The metal sculpture is the top of a bench that was outside the most wonderful travel store I have ever seen.  I really liked the sculpture and did not realize all the reflections caught here, besides my selfie silouhette.

White on White:

I was a bit stumped for this prompt until I came across these flowers-photographed in San Diego, not the Canyon.  The sky was originally blue but I blew out the color to make it gray and then added a couple of snow presets to make it fit the white on white prompt. Blessing said it looked like a painting to her.


There were so many shots I could have used for this prompt since the Canyon is all about rows, but I decided on this one.  This is the Bright Angel Lodge restaurant and everything we had there was delicious.  We had the most amazing appetizer - a Navajo Taco.  Click on the link to find out more.  Ours had beef, lettuce, beans, cheese and other yummy ingredients.  It was a chef's special and because of the way it was named I had to ask what type of meat was used.  They have another regular appetizer with a similar name that has pork so I double checked to be sure this did not have pork and it did not.

I took this shot as we were leaving the restaurant and it is among one of my favorites from the trip.

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Friday, July 24, 2015


I am back from vacation and am trying to get back to my posting schedule, as well as the regular routine here at home.  I saw quite a few fallen or dead trees around the Grand Canyon and took photos of them because of their interesting lines and shapes.  The log on the ground reminded me of antlers:

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