Monday, July 28, 2014


It has been a while since I participated in Texture Twist and Texture Tuesday.  Trying to get back in the groove now that summer swim team is over and I can devote more time to textures.  I do leave for vacation in a couple of days so I do not know if I will be able to keep up.

I used kk isobel and photomorphis special pack 1 08 textures.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

SHS July 27

I am still having trouble getting back to regular posting and next week we will be on vacation so don't know if I will get back on track then either.  I did manage to get shots for this weeks SHS so here is what I found for this week.


This flower is crepe myrtle.  It blooms all summer long and even into fall.  Blossoms can be light pink, fuchsia, red or white.  I liked the negative space in this shot besides the fact that it was a day full of sunshine.


This is tea cup and saucer belonged to my mother.  I have about 6 of them that she had.   Sometimes Blessing and I will use them for tea parties.

Upside Down:

Sometimes the kids at camp put on a show at the end of the week for parents.  This was one of those weeks and the kids are doing the running man here.  I flipped the photo to make it upside down.  I am not sure how to get better photos when they are on stage because really the upside down part is the only redeeming quality of this shot-other than a memory maker for my Blessing of course.


My handsome cat watching something outside.  Those drops on his cheek are dewdrops from the grass.  If I did not shoot from above I could not get a shot because every time I would get down to his level, focus and get ready to shoot, he decides to get up and walk towards me.  I attempted many shots before getting this one.

From Behind:

You saw the front of my cat, now you get to see his back, lol.  I never saw a cat lie this way before I got this one.  He does this all the time, and will even stretch both hind paws out straight behind him.  I have seen plenty of dogs do this, but he is the first cat I have seen do this.

If you are eating or have a sensitive stomach for any reason you might want to skip this part-or if you are squeamish you might want to skip it also:

Tonight we heard a thunk by our back door.  This is not a common occurrence .  I saw Max in an intent body position.  Blessing went to the door and looked out and said that he caught a rat.  Good thing the door is glass and we could just look out to see what was going on, otherwise the cat might have brought the rat in. First time we had seen one here.

At least now my husband can no longer say the cat is worthless!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This is one of the swimmers preparing for a meet.  The paper is called the heat sheet.  It lists all the events in the meet, how many heats are in each event and which lane each swimmer or relay team will swim their race in.  Swimmers write on their arms or legs their event, heat, lane and some will also put the stroke down for their heat.  When you start swimming 5-7 events, these things really help.

On that note, since summer swim team is over I can now get back to my memes.  I have missed them.

Quite a few people wondered what happens after the meet with the sharpie on their skin and after a day or so it wears off.  Blessing's sharpie was not as sharp after two seasons of use so halfway through the meet her information faded to the point (get it-point)? we could not read it.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

SHS July 13

Oh my we are exhausted. Today we had City Meet-the end of the season meet. So sad that practice is over until next year, but so glad not to have tri meets against teams of 100 or more kids each when we are only 60.

 This week the shots are from our Tuesday meet which was at my favorite venue-the yacht club.

 Our first prompt is healing:

I was very happy to capture the rays of the sun in this shot.  It also reminded me of the Son's rays which can heal everything.  If not in this life, then the next.


This shot was diagonal form the shot above.  See why it is my favorite venue?


These colorful bikes made me think summer.


Some of our meets are outside.  This year we actually finished the meet at the yacht club which is the first time in years that happened.  Usually every time we swim there, the meet gets called because a storm is coming in.

Here the team is finishing their cheer.  Coach picks a few kids to jump into the pool at the end of the cheer and that is what is happening here.  It is wonderful how happy they all are in this moment.


I like the glitter on these but on one of the arms it is coming off.  I have a few of these: a pair in the car, a pair in my husbands car and a pair in the house.  I find this works best for me as i don't have to worry about transporting them from one place to the other and here we need them just to get the mail since the sun is so bright.

This shot was taken with my phone.  Now that swim season is over I can get back to posting more than once a week and can get back into some of my memes that I have been neglecting this season.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

SHS July 6

First up this week we have play:

This is Blessing playing Marco polo with a couple of other kids from swim team.



I really liked the blue sky in this shot.



Last week we had the Rising Star meet.  This meet is specifically for beginner or slower swimmers. If you swim too fast, you can not swim this meet.  The kids that get the most points overall in the meet get an all star swimmer towel.  We had three kids earn those.

You can also see that we won a trophy from this meet.  Statistically, this should have been impossible as we had so few swimmers there we could not swim any of the relays.  It was very close-we won third place overall in the small team division by the skin of our teeth.  Blessing was excited and rightfully so as she placed in all of her races-meaning she earned points that helped earn this trophy.

This week is our last week-we have a meet on Tuesday and on Sat. we have the city wide meet. This year there are so many 8 and under swimmers that only that group is swimming the morning session.  In years past 11 and under swam the morning session.  This year 9 and up swim the afternoon session-which means we get there around noon and stay until 9 p.m. or so. The good part is that we don't have to be up at 6 a.m. to make the 8 a.m. warm up-the littles get to do that!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oddest Pool Ever

We have had two swim meets so far this season and this past week we went to the oddest pool I have ever seen. We had not swam this team or pool before so no one knew quite where this pool was. Imagine my surprise when the directions on my GPS told me to turn in to a shopping center. I drove past it first but then turned around and entered the shopping center. I started looking for a pool and I had Blessing look for one too. Neither one of us saw a pool. We looked for a sign that had either the pool/swim team name or at this point I would have been happy to see a sign that said "Pool" with an arrow pointing the way, but that was not available either.

 At this point I don't know what to do as I can't find this place and it is so new my old GPS couldn't find it either. I finally stopped in a store and asked them and it was diagonally a few feet from where I was! We couldn't see it because they have a 6 foot wooden fence around it and you can't see the pool through the fence.  They did have the pool and swim team name on a sign on the side of the fence-abbreviated.   No indication though when you turn into the center where the pool is though.  And it is in the middle third of the shopping center.  All that explanation for the pictures for this weeks' SHS-all from this odd pool.


Right now she looks unapproachable, but looks can be deceiving.  The brick wall is the back of some type of business and please note how little deck room there is in this pool.  We were not allowed to bring coolers because the deck is not wide enough to accommodate them.


I try to be unassuming taking shots at the meet and I go for lots of candids.  Here you get a better view of the deck width.  This team had 107 swimmers.  We have 60.  Neither one of our meets have finished because for some reason the league decided it is a good idea for our team to swim teams 3-4 times bigger than us.  The tri meet one team had 97 swimmers, the other team had 115, and then there was us at 60.  The meets have been going so long that we have not been able to finish.


 This was the warm up and swimmers are unaware I am taking pictures, which is what I want along with being unassuming.  Please note that this pool has four lanes to swim in-not 6, not 8, but four-for 167 swimmers.  Is it any wonder this meet ended up being called due to darkness?  In fact they put tents up outside the gates for the swimmers to sit in when they were not racing as there was not room for everyone to sit on the deck as spectators.


The kids have to be unplugged to hear the coaches' pep talk.  You also need to be unplugged during the meets so you don't miss your race!


Here some of our kids are unleashed playing in the kiddie pool.  What we did not know was that the host team did not want the kids in this pool as it is only for 3 and under.  When their coach came over to tell them to get out, one of my friends said to me "Why can't they play?  They were not being loud or distracting to the racers."   I felt badly for them too as the place is so small that there is nowhere for them to go in between their races.  They can't walk around the deck a lot and we can't let them outside of the pool area as then they are literally in the parking lot of the shopping center.

This week we have another tri meet.  Another marathon meet that I know will end up being called due to darkness.  We swam the home team at this venue last year and the meet was called due to darkness-with only two teams.  The home team has 90 swimmers, we have 60 and the other team also has about 60, which means a total of 210 swimmers will be there.  This pool is also small deck wise and parking wise, yet the league decided it would be a good idea to have a tri meet here.

I overheard another parent talking about this season and she said that it felt chaotic to her this year.  I agreed and a big part of that is that our meets are not the same night as they were last year.  One week a meet is on Monday, next week, Tues., then back to Mon. etc...  This same parent also asked why we are swimming so many big teams this year?   Good to know I am not alone in these thoughts.

We still enjoy swim team and our coach, but the way decisions were made this year by the league is baffling.

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