Monday, June 29, 2015

The Good The Random The Fun v.26

The Good:

Blessing had two meets this week.  In the first meet she placed first in the medley relay, second in the free relay, third in butterfly, and sixth in both the backstroke and freestyle races.  We won that meet, but it was a close one.

The second meet was Rising Star-an all league meet designed for the slower swimmers.  Here she placed tenth in freestyle, 11th in backstroke and second in butterfly.  She was disappointed in her free and back placements and I told her that she will still get ribbons for those places and that this was a much harder meet because all the teams send swimmers.  Instead of 16-24 swimmers in her age group there are anywhere from 40 to 64 kids in each age group.  She was our teams oldest swimmer and we did not have enough kids to do any relays here.  Her butterfly age group there were 8 swimmers.  She was five seconds behind the first place winner...maybe next year she can be that first place winner.

The Random:

This will be last post for awhile as i am going on vacation where I will be taking lots of pictures but not editing or posting them.

The Fun:

Our coach had a conflict with this met so his daughter coached the kids.  We had about 10 total (some of them were late) so he gave his daughter a chance to coach and she was thrilled.  Said it was a dream come true as she wants to be a swim coach for little kids.

In these two shots she is reminding the swimmers that breaststroke and butterfly require a two hand touch with both hands at the same level, touching at the same time.  If you touch both hands at the same time but one hand is higher than the other, that is a DQ.

For us, our swim season is now over :(.  I think next year we can't go away during the season as Blessing is very disappointed she is missing the last two weeks).  I did tell her that she will not miss the team party and she should also be here for when the league goes to a water park-dates for those have not yet been decided, so she still has a couple of team related things to do when we return.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday June 28

This will be my last SHS post for a few weeks as we head out on vacation where I am sure I will be taking lots of pictures but won't be editing or posting them.  Now on to the hunt.  The first prompt is nature:

A very pretty hibiscus flower.


This week we went to a brand new place for our swim meet so it was good they had a sign directing you to which building the pool was as there was more than one choice of building as you got close.

This hello was to let the members of this country club know that their team had a meet this week at home.

Favorite Time of Day:

I am not sure what the coach said to the kids here but my favorite time of day is to see both the coach and the kids enjoying themselves.

Photographer's Choice:

This place has three pools that interconnect with one another.  The lap pool is to the right of this slide, which is one of the best slides we have seen of the pools that have one.  Because this slide does not interfere with the lap pool side, it was not cordoned off and the kids touch advantage of it.

I am glad we got there early so Blessing could go down the slide.  Coach told them not to be over in that pool until all their races were over so they would not miss third race.  Since Blessing swims the ending events, she would have had no time at all to play after the meet was over.

Here she is doing butterfly.  Usually it is way too dark for me to get shots of this stroke so I took advantage of the opportunity to get some shots here.

Here we have the final, two hand touch-both hands at the same level at the same time.  Anything else gets you a DQ.

Leaving the meet we saw this gorgeous sky:

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I thought I would update the folks who read last week what has transpired since.  On Friday I called to make sure we could get the car and make sure parts were not everywhere.  When I called I was told that no one could find anything wrong with it and work had not stared.  I told them we were coming to get the car.  Do recall that as of last Friday they had the car nine days.

So we took it to a different place-an independent shop on Monday that has terrible hours for drop off and pick up.  We also took the van to a place to be serviced and that too is still being worked on.  So the SUV that went to the dealer is now at an independent shop and the van is at a different place.

We do have an old Subaru that we have kept and it is a good thing too as that is what my husband has been taking to work and then he comes home so we can get to swim practice.  He had to come home early Tuesday so we could get to the meet.  If we did not have that car we would be completely carless.  Good thing I know how to drive a stick shift car.

We are supposed to go on vacation next week-but right now we have a small 4 door sedan to go on this trip.  No we still don't have the other cars back.

Last week my laptop gave me the black screen of death.  This means that I no longer have access to Lightroom 5 or on 1 Perfect Photo Suite because this system I am now on runs Windows XP.  Those programs need 7 or higher in order to work.  And even if I had the money I need to get another laptop, I don't have a car to get one.  I am saving for a higher end spec one but that will be a while before I get my beloved photo editing programs back.

And some of the things I had planned on doing are not going to happen now (assuming we still go on this trip) because I have not been able to get the proper clothes because I have been without a car for so long. When I had the car I did not have the money.  Now I have the money but don't have a car.  It is a good thing I did not sign Blessing up for camp this month as they don't give refunds and we would have been out the money since there is no way to get her there.

I am not pleased.  If I don't post for a couple of weeks it means I am on vacation.  If we don't have a way to get out there, then I will still be posting.

Here is a shot of our old faithful car's stick shift:

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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Good.The Random, The Fun v.25

The Good:

Last week Blessing won ribbons in all five of her races.  She placed first in her freestyle and backstroke heats, which  gave her 8th and 6th places overall.  There were a lot more girls on that team than the other teams we swam and there were 16 swimmers total in each of those events.

The Random:

She was fortunate she did not get disqualified in backstroke.  She turned a bit onto her belly before she touched the wall and depending on how far you turn, can be grounds for DQ.  She was fortunate because many swimmers were DQ'd for various mistakes.  Some of our 8 and under relay teams every swimmer DQ'd themselves.  Coach said there were also some timing mistakes on our swimmers.  We lost to the team last week so no more dreams of being undefeated this season.

The Fun:

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday June 21


My mom started collecting carousel horses later in her life.  She did not have that many but the ones she had are special to me.

For readers who may not know or remember this, my mom died 14 1/2 years ago so anything I have of hers is special to me.


Every Tuesday afternoon it is my habit to load up the soft sided bag with bananas and sandwiches for swim meets.  In the purple cooler I put my permanent ice cubes, water bottles that you do not see and the item with the strap is a half gallon jug I fill with ice tea. I also bring dried fruit as Blessing loves it to snack on.

When I come home I unload what is left and open up the containers to let them air out form the food smell then wipe them down so they are ready to be filled for the next meet.  The cooler has a retractable handle and wheels so all I have to do is pull it along.


This week I had the chance to explore what it is like to drive a stick shift.  It has been over 5 years since I drove one so the first day in it was a bit rough, but the second day was much better.  I am so thankful I know how to drive a stick otherwise I would have been sunk this week.  In this post I explain why I needed to drive a stick.

I also had a chance to explore free editing software as yesterday my laptop screen decided not to come on.  The computer itself turns on but the screen will not...(again.  This happened about six months ago too).  The computer I am is running Windows Xp and neither LR 5 nor OnOne Perfect Photo Suite will run on that platform.  It is okay but it does not give me nearly the options my other two do.  But like the stick it's all I've got for now.  I am saving for a new laptop but it will be six months at least before I get the one I want.


Shortly after starting to learn photography, I discovered how much I like macro.  I enjoy getting up close and capturing details that others might pass by.  This is a cana lily leaf in the background with its bud in the foreground.  I love all the lines in both of these.  Now if I had LR, I would have used my brushes to bring out the details, clarity and sharpness here and in my carousel horse pictures.  The free software I have adjusts those things with sliders, but I definitely prefer the preciseness of the brushes.  On the horses I would have detailed the eyes, flowers and saddles


This past week our coach had the kids do something different with their cheer.  Instead of them being out of the water and spinning around like a tornado (which is our team name) he had them get in the water and splash their way through the last half of the cheer.  They had fun doing it this new way and I had fun taking photographs of them doing it this way. So far I never tire of wanting to see and photograph them doing the cheer.

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