Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grate & Week 4 of 31 Days of Capturing Blessing

Today is the 29th day of 31 Days of Capturing Blessing-turquoise is today's color:

I am not sure why the angular shaped earrings look green.  I tried all the color tricks I know of to get them to show their turquoise color, but none of them worked.  The earrings are lying on a scarf and the item the triangle earrings are leaning on is a headband that has a bit of shine.  The band is Blessings.

Recap of week 4-Purple:

My medieval/renaissance/wearing for other occasions dress.  The skirt flares and twirls nicely.  I admit that I still like twirly dresses and skirts just as much as when I was a little girl.

Mint Green:

Another summer, another mint plant that started out well but burned up in the sun.  I have learned in this area that any plant that says it needs 8 hours of sun a day needs to be in partial shade.  I had this in partial shade and still it burnt.  The cherry tomatoes did well though and they were next to each other.


I took this shot with my phone (Sony Xperia Z1s) outside an antiques store.  I liked the curves and lines of the varying iron work and the fact that the wall has beige tones in it.  I could have also used this shot for copper and brown, but have other things in mind for those shots.


I got this potpourri pot as a gift for my mom.   Fourteen years ago this Friday she went into the hospital and on Dec. 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, died.  My father who is usually not good with dates has not forgotten that day as he is a WWII buff.  I haven't either and even if we wanted to, we can't as that is such a significant day in U.S. history.  Not Dec. 7th the next year but Dec. 7th six weeks later.  She never met Blessing.

Hot Pink:

This rose is coral color, but thanks to using the circle adjustment (like the eye drop tool in other areas) in LR 5, I was able to make parts of it hot pink.  I don't have earlier versions of LR, so don't know if the HSL (hue/saturation/luminance) panel has that targeted adjustment option in those.  I do like the way this rose turned out.

Traffic Gray:

Every Tuesday I participate in Texture Tuesday, so some of my photo prompts also have textures on them.  It just so happened that my cat, the blanket and the texture and overlay I chose all had traffic gray in them, so fit the prompt quite well.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Traffic Gray

28th day of  LTTL… a new 31 day challenge.  Today's color-Traffic Gray:

I realized that this blanket of my husbands and my cat both have traffic gray in their coloring.  I thought this made a more interesting picture than a shot of the road would.  Since this is also Texture Tuesday, I used kk's partings texture at 9% opacity, softlight blend mode.  I then used life-n-reflections pearlcove overlay also at soft light, 4% opacity.  I replicated my original photo three times, them merged all layers together.  I chose those textures as they had some gray tones in them which complimented my cat, blanket and color prompt well.

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Hot Pink

27th day of  LTTL… a new 31 day challenge-today;s color-hot pink:

This rose is actually a coral color.  I played with the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) sliders in LR first, but did not like the result.  Then I remembered that there is a little circle to the left of the sliders that you can click on for each of the three adjustments.  I clicked on it then put that circle on the areas of the rose I wanted to make hot pink and here is the result, which I like much better.

Using that adjustment changed both the red and orange sliders in H,S and L which gave me the hot pink I wanted.  I wanted to see how the circle (works like a dropper but is in a circle shape) works and for this shot it was much better and easier to work with too.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday 116-Candles

I used these candles at my wedding as I chose coral for my color scheme and was thrilled when I saw these as they have the range of shades I wanted.  These are small,about 1 inch across and are made for floating, but I used them unlit in lines radiating from the centerpiece.  I decided not to have them lit since they are small and did not want staff having to worry about keeping them lit during the reception.  I still have a few packages of them left over as that was 11 years ago.

I took this photo into OnOne perfect Photo suite 8, effects module and played with some of their filters.  I tried red, orange which was way too much, and then the yellow filter, which I liked.  I wanted something to enhance the coral tones and this did the trick.  Lightroom also has these filters but they turned my photo to black and white, which I did not want for MOM.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

SHS Oct. 26, Copper

This week we had a lot of prompts that begin with P.  I am starting off with paint:

These are wine glasses with painted flowers on them.  I brought them out for our guest that was here.  I like the colors used for the flowers and picked this set because the colors coordinate with other things I already have.  An added bonus is that I found out our guests favorite color is orange!


This was our guest and as you can see, Blessing was thrilled to have some company to play with.  Hopefully he will be able to visit us more often than he has been able to in the past.


Blessing colored this pumpkin in her 4-H meeting this month.  I thought it was a great idea, and she enjoyed it very much.

Looking cute:

Technically I know it is not good, but I do think Blessing and my cat look cute playing together.  I like the fact that I was able to capture my cat with his mouth open and you can see Blessing laughing as she plays with him.

This is day 26 of  31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography.  Today's color is copper which I also made my photographer's choice:

I got this pot as a gift for my mother many years ago, and now I have it, since my Dad did not want it.

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Friday, October 24, 2014


Day 25 of  31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography-today's color-beige:

This was taken with my phone at an antiques store.  I liked all these iron work frames and the wall behind them has beige tones.  It took me a while to figure out what I was going to use for this prompt that I thought was interesting other than pants or leaves:).

Mint Green

Day 24 of  31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography

This plant started out so well, but did not survive the summer sun.  I watered, put it in partial shade, but all it did was burn up in the heat.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Day 23 of
LTTL… a new 31 day challenge

Today's prompt-purple.  If you saw my silver post,  I mentioned that I had a dress I wore with those other items.  This is a full length view of the dress:

The skirt has wonderful movement and flare to it which is one of the things I liked about it.  I have quite a few skirts that have that ease of movement too, which I need when I dance.

This is a better view of the bodice:


They are elbow length, but have a jabot on the back and side that drops down making that part of the sleeve longer.

Here is a close up detail of the sleeve embroidery:

This is the bottom of the dress:

I got this dress to wear as a medieval lady of the manor and it can be sued for renaissance time period as well.  I wanted something that would give the flavor of the time without it being a full reproduction period dress.  This is also something I would wear other times for dressy occasions.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

White, Week 3 of 31 Days of Capturing Blessing

Day 22 of http://foursimplyliving.com/2014/10/21/lttl-31-days-of-capturing-blessing-day-15-20/  White:

I have been concentrating on getting catchlights with my portraits lately and have been having success-when I remember to do it, lol!  This is one of my favorites this week.

Recap of last week's prompts-navy:

Lime Green:

Another of my favorites.


Sky Blue:

The last of my favorites from this week.


Barn Red:

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