Saturday, October 18, 2014

SHS Oct. 19 & Sky Blue

My first prompt for this weeks SHS also fits the bill for day 19 of  31 Days of Capturing Blessing-SHS prompt is Saturation and the Days of Blessing prompt is sky blue:

This blown glass is in part of the ceiling of an art museum.  The one on the lower left is sky blue and all this glass is saturated with color.   This is what you see when you enter the museum lobby.  On the second floor you can actually take off your shoes and walk on the top part of this blown glass.  The only bad part is that the glass upstairs has a pattern of small black circles on the glass top people walk on and it is very difficult to get a shot without the black dots in it.  The lobby ceiling does not have those dots, thankfully.


I received this cute invitation in the mail.  I was so glad I did not have to photograph a bill or an advertisement for this prompt!


If you saw my SHS post from last week, I spoke about the sukkah.  This is one of the walls of that sukkah.


This star glows in the dark, but I am not sure I could have captured that with my camera.  I would like to try sometime, but we have company this weekend so I could not spend a lot of time seeing if I could get it glowing in the dark.


I also could have used this shot for the sky blue prompt for 31 Days of Capturing Blessing, I realized just now.  We are reading this book as part of our Middle Ages study.  We both like it a lot.  I like the fact that it is a hardback back in paperback size and when we got it, it cost the same or a bit less than the paperback version.

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Day 18 of      31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lime Green, Mandarin Orange Monday 115

Day 17 of  
31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography

I saw these and loved their brightness.  In fact I actually desaturated the colors a bit in LR, as they are so vivid.  This was one of the very first shots I took with my Sony Xperia z1 and these beauties were in the grocery store.  I like the fact that some of the smaller flowers are lime green as is some of the paper holding them.

I was wondering what to do for MOM this week as we had company this weekend and realized this shot will work for that prompt too since I have the orange rose and wonderful orange flower in this shot too.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Day 16 of              

31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography

Fortunately for me, Blessing was already wearing navy so I again had a model for my shot.  She likes being my model-says it is fun :).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Comfort, Magenta & 31 Days of Capturing Blessing, Week 2

Today is day 15 of  31 Days of Capturing Blessing.  Todays' prompt-magenta:

And here are the rest of the photos from week 2:

Jet black, pink, and coffee brown are in the collage.



and my favorite of the week was yesterday's prompt silver:

I like the chance this provides me to play with my various collage templates in LR.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Silver Medieval Maiden

Day 14 of  "- today's prompt-silver.

I used kk texture times 2 0703 since that had some silver and gray tones in it that complimented the cloak and head piece, which are mine.  I have worn these with a dress when I dressed as Lady of the Manor for co op.  I will be in my full outfit on the last day of the semester as well, but today Blessing wore them.

I used blending mode soft light at 20% opacity, and duplicated my original photo twice, then merged all layers together.  Since I do have a person in this photo, I used a very light hand with he texture.  I also rotated the texture  90 degrees as the texture has a scratch line in it that I wanted on the cloak and not her face.

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Day 12 of
31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography

I like the creamy smoothness of these petals as well as their cream color in this black and white shot.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

SHS Oct 12 & Lavender


This is one of the many window panes in this Gothic style synagogue.  The detail and the colors are wonderful and there are so many of these panes that it will take a few trips to capture them all.


This is the roof of one of the community sukkahs which is a booth or temporary shelter used during Sukkot/Feast of Booths/Feast of Tabernacles/Festival of Ingathering, also referred to as the Season of Our Joy as the Lord tabernacles, or dwells with us.  All different names for the same holiday and Immanuel or Emmanuel literally means God is with us.

This sukkah is built on uneven ground, so one side really is higher than the other.  The walls of this sukkah are oil cloth and the inside is painted with grapes,vines, pomegranates and other fruits of the season.  This festival lasts 7 days, and then there is the 8th day assembly, an extra day to tabernacle with the Lord.


We had a roller skating day and afterwards we went to lunch with some friends.  The boy closest to the window and the boy next to Blessing are twins.  I took this photo and my above photo with my phone.


Blessing doing some of her schoolwork in comfort.  There were a lot of competing pinks in this shot so I liked the black and white better.  Even her binder is pink, cause that was the color she wanted.


I was surprised at the end of last month to see these new cana lily buds which bloomed into beautiful flowers. They were the last of those though until next year.

I am continuing with

31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography

Today, day 12 is Lavender:

If you saw my SHS post last week, this is another shot I took in the garden of the house were visiting.  They had a couple of these lamps and this one alternated the colors of purple,blue and white.  There is some lavender in the purple bands of color, and not only did i like the fact that the colors themselves change, but I also like the architecture of the lamp itself.

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